Video Background YouTube Issue (updated November 25 2016)

If you are experiencing intermittent issues with your video background displaying when using a Youtube hosted video (or issues with sound not being muted etc) - this is due to a new bug we have been made aware of in the YouTube Video API system

Technical details of this bug can be seen on the Google code site here:

Unfortunately at this time we are awaiting a fix from Google.  We suspect that they are already rolling out a fix which is why sometimes issues occur and sometimes things work normally

We'll update this article as we get updates from Google

Unfortunately we do not have an internal fix that can fix this, it's reliant on Google fixing their API

Issues that can be caused by this bug include:

  • video not displaying at all
  • video showing with no sound
  • video showing with sound when mute option used
  • sound playing for a short second of the video

For now, where possible we recommend using a self-hosted video (through a service such as Amazon) as this will work normally and is unaffected by this bug.

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