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How do I do upsells with OptimizePress?

Does OptimizePress Do 1-Click Upsells? 

OptimizePress does not have it\’s own 1-Click upsell functionality. This is because 1 click upsell systems require the ability to store credit card information securely in an encrypted format after the initial payment is processed. 

There are a number of options for upsells and one click upsells when using OptimizePress.

Your Options For Upsells When Using OptimizePress 

1. Use a third-party system which includes 1-click upsell functionality:

In the past we have used Nanacast which allows 1-click upsell functionality when using certain merchants (Paypal payments pro / Authorize.net etc).  You could then use their API / HTTP post function to create a member inside your membership (our developers can help with that side).

2. Use Clickbank to create the upsell process:

Clickbank (which we already integrate with) may also have some kind of functionality like this – but you would need to check their documentation on this – their functionality for this is called “pitch plus”

3. A couple of other options you could consider:

1) You could do what we do and just set up your packages so the user sees the upsell before the sale and then goes to the relevant package which would include the upsell (we do this at OptimizePress.com with our club upsell). I know this might not be quite as effective as already taking payment then adding second charge but it works well for us and is easier to setup

2) You could use the “login oto” function of OPtimizeMember which allows you to set your users to see specific offer pages when they login after certain times – for example you can set an offer page to appear after a user has logged in 5 times, or perhaps on their first login – etc

Hopefully those solutions help you get sorted with your upsell requirements.

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