Support Policy

The OptimizePress office is located in England, UK and we work and provide support in GMT timezone; from 10:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday only. We also take occasional leave at public holidays and other such events. We always strive to offer the best possible support possible, but please be aware that outside of these hours your support requests will be answered the following working day.

Limitation of Support

OptimizePress provides support services to customers only, and you must have an active support & updates subscription (all package purchases include 1 year support and updates, after which time you can purchase another year of support for a fee). 

Support includes installation guidance, bug fixing (for OP issues), and general problem solving with features explained on the OptimizePress sales page  Please always check the knowledge-base and members tutorials before submitting any messages to our support help desk.

Note: Our support team are not able to modify settings on their own computer systems (such as IP & host settings) in order to troubleshoot individual issues. This is not practical as each support agent deals with many tickets per day and changing such settings can cause related issues on their own systems.
Support does 
NOT include:
  • offering advice on specific plugins or 3rd party apps to use for specific functionality
  • solving problems for plugins or scripts not packaged with our framework and theme
  • external plugins integration
  • configuring 3rd party plugins
  • general WordPress support (please use the WordPress forums for that)
  • adding new features or extending the features currently available (we are happy to take feature requests under consideration)
  • changing colors and/or images
  • any type of modification or customization outside of the use of our own customization features
  • adding or Editing pages beyond the role of troubleshooting
  • modifying or creating any code such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, or through custom CSS

Please Note: Although our OptimizePress support team are experts in our software, they are not programmers or web developers, so we cannot assist with integrating external scripts or codes not packaged with our software. Whilst we\’d like to be able to help with requests like this, it simply wouldn\’t be possible to provide effective support to our user base. 

We recommend contacting a web developer or programmer if you need assistance integrating any scripts, codes or plugins not packaged with our theme.  If you are having issues with a specific plugin, we always advise contacting the plugin author to resolve the issue as they know their systems and code much better than us.

Bug Fixing

Occasionally we do discover bugs within our theme.  We will endeavor to fix these bugs as soon as possible, but please be aware that it does take time for our development team to fix bugs and test our system to ensure that no other issues are present within the system after the fix has been applied. 

Plugin Compatibility

Whilst we\’ve love to be able to have every plugin available for WordPress work with OptimizePress, this simply isn\’t possible.  Some plugins use similar functions or code to our theme which can cause conflicts, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this.  Please do not contact us if you have issues with a plugin working with our system as we will not be able to assist with these issues – you should either disable the problem plugin or look for an alternative.
Some plugins may generate “warning” messages inside the OptimizePress admin panels – normally these warning messages will not stop your OptimizePress site working so if you do not see any issues on your main external site you may still be able to use the plugin, just be sure to test your sites first before launching them to the public

There are a number of services you can consider if you need custom work on your OptimizePress site or need help with something that is beyond the scope of our support services mentioned above.

Additional Templates & Designs

Check out our awesome Marketplace if you want to find more fantastic templates and designs to expand the potential of your OptimizePress sites.   

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