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Update URL References after moving domain

If you move an OptimizePress 2.0 site to a new domain, you may find that some image and other item references for OptimizePress LiveEditor pages are not updated during your migration process (usually you will search your database and update the old domain URLs to the new domain URLS)

The reason for this is because LiveEditor page content is encoded and will not show up in the database search

To fix this issue, we have developed a special migration tool which you can use to update these URL references in your site database (you should still use the standard migration processes to move your pages and update other URLS – this is only to fix URL references inside OptimizePress

Before you being, please take a full backup of your site\’s database.

1. Download the OptimizePress Helper Tools plugin from here

2. Save the zip file to somewhere on your computer you can find it

3. Go to your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New

4. Choose the upload option and upload the zip for the OptimizePress Helper Tools plugin

5. Once uploaded, ensure you activate the plugin

6. To use the tool, go to Tools > OptimizePress Helper Tools on the WordPress sidebar

IMPORTANT: Please take a backup of your site and database before proceeding any further

7. Enter the old and new domain URLS in the boxes provided in the Migrations tab section:

8. Click “Migrate domain” to complete the process

Your URLs should now be updated on LiveEditor pages to the new domain

Another plugin that is helpful for updating other URLs not related to OptimizePress settings/pages is this one: 
https://wordpress.org/plugins/velvet-blues-update-urls/ – we suggest using this plugin along with our helper tools plugin in order to get all the URLS.

***** please take full database backup prior to using any of these plugins *****

DO NOT USE A PLUGIN CALLED “Better Search Replace” as that will damage OptimizePress data tables and your site might not be able to be recovered.

If you need a more advanced tutorial which offer different take on how to migrate a WordPress site, please follow the steps in this tutorial:
How to migrate a WordPress site

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