How does the 'Redirect to' feature of OptimizeMember on each specific pages and posts works?

When OptimizeMember is activated, the special 'Redirect to' feature found on each pages and posts will work only for dripped contents and not as for general logged out users' redirection setting.

This means, you have to have to drip the content for the said feature to work - as what it does is redirects logged in members to another page that you've selected if that content is not available yet. Say, if you set a page to drip after 10 days and they have only been a member for less than 10 days then the page set under the specified page 'Redirect to' feature will follow.

All other attempts to view any kind of membership pages protected by OptimizeMember while not logged in as a member will be redirected to the "Membership Options Page", the one you had set under OptimizeMember >> General Options >> Membership Options / Redirect Page.

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