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Customize membership home page [OptimizeMember]

If you want to specify the content that members of your homepage for different membership levels, please follow this guide:

There are a couple of options for your Membership home page if you\’re using our OptimizeMember membership plugin (if you\’re using a different solution you would need to consult the documentation of that script or plugin for their options).

The first option is using our shortcodes to hide content so it is only seen by specific levels. This would mean you use one specific page for the membership home page and then use shortcodes as shown on this page:


The other option is to use the options within OptimizeMember > General Options > Members Home Page / Login Welcome Page.

In this section you can specific a URL which includes replacement codes for specific levels – so for example you could


So for example, for a level 1 member they would be sent to:


So you can then create specific pages for each membership level (or package – or other options depending on the replacement codes you use) to show specific content to those members

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