Create a Contact Form for your site

If you want to add a contact form to your OptimizePress websites you have a range of options.

We don't have an integrated contact form element, so you will need to use one of the methods below:

1. Use our Optin Box element

Although our Optin Box element is designed for capturing subscribers information and adding it to your chosen autoresponder or mailing list service, these forms can also be used as a contact form.

Add your opt-in form to your page, and select the "Email Data" option for the integration type and then complete the fields below to ensure that your form information is sent to your email address

If you need to add additional fields you can add them using the "Add Field" option at the bottom of the window, but please note our optin box element currently only supports single-line text fields

Please note: There is no Captcha functionality for our optin box element so you may receive increased spam from bots visiting your site if you use our optin box element as a contact form

2. Use an external plugin (Clean and Simple Contact Form)

There are a wide range of plugins which you can use with OptimizePress to add a contact form to your page.

We have tested with a plugin called "Clean and Simple Contact Form" which appears to work well with OptimizePress

1. To install this plugin go to Plugins > Add New and search for "Clean and Simple Contact Form"

2. Install this plugin

3. You will find the options for the plugin within Settings > Contact form on the Wordpress Menu

4. Follow the prompts on the page to setup the contact form settings.

5. To insert the contact form into your page, use the "HTML/Shortcode" element on a LiveEditor page and add the shortcode for the form :


3.  Other Plugin Options

We are continually testing with other plugins and there are many which should work fine with OptimizePress - just be wary of any plugins which require Javascript for the form as these can sometimes conflict with our LiveEditor