OptimizePress SEO Feature: Adding Meta Keywords, Description and Title to your Page

It is possible to set SEO settings on your OP pages and normal WP pages in OptimizePress. Here's how:

1. Enable the SEO built-in feature of OP by going to OptimizePress >> Dashboard >> Global Settings >> SEO Options.

. Go to editing section of your page.

3. Find the Screen Options at the topmost right hand corner and then tick the SEO Option.

. Click the WordPress (beside the OptimizePress Settings) tab and then find the SEO panel.

. Click to open the SEO panel settings and fill out the the meta.

NOTE: Using multiple SEO plugins, or scripts for meta data, in an installation is a very BAD practice. Always ensure to activate one SEO plugin at all time. If you are using, or perhaps planning to install and activate a 3rd party SEO plugin, please deactivate the OptimizePress SEO feature to avoid meta issues.